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MATH 178
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Course Length:

40 hours over 10 weeks (2 two-hour meetings per week)

Course Description:

History. Number theory. Running time analysis. Classical cryptosystems. Public key cryptography, RSA. DES. Discrete log cryptosystems over finite fields and elliptic curves. Modern stream ciphers. Hash functions. Diffie-Hellman key exchange, ElGamal message exchange, Massey-Omura ``keyless'' message exchange. Signatures. ElGamal signature system.

Course Learning Objective:

Understanding of basic notions of cryptography and some of the underlying mathematical ideas and techniques. Proficiency in several encryption and decryption techniques.

Major Topics:

Cryptography. Applications of cryptographic systems to protection of files and data and to privacy.

Method of Instruction:

Lecture, assignments

Evaluation Methods:

Tests, assignments

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