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COEN 351
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Internet and E-Commerce Security

Course Length:

20 hours over 10 weeks (1 two-hour meeting per week)

Course Description:

Special security requirements of the Internet. WWW security. E-mail security. Java security features, CGI scripts, cookies, and certified code. Intrusion prevention strategies. Designing secure e-commerce systems. Agent technologies. Prerequisite: COEN 253 (Secure Systems Development and Evaluation).

Course Learning Objective:

Understanding of secure electronic commerce architectures and proficiency with related technologies. Appreciation for legislative and regulatory issues of secure electronic commerce and for the role of public policy in shaping a global digital economy.

Major Topics:

Secure electronic commerce technology, models, and issues. Principles and case studies of secure electronic commerce. Introduction to security architectures for secure electronic commerce including digital signatures, certificates, and public key infrastructure (PKI). Legal and national secure electronic commerce issues.

Method of Instruction:

Lectures, case studies, invited speakers, homeworks, participation in digital economy simulation

Evaluation Methods:

Tests, assignments, projects

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