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Secure System Setup, Administration & Penetration Testing

Course Length:

20 hours over 10 weeks (1 two-hour meeting per week)

Course Description:

CERT approved methodology for secure system setup and administration.  Introduction to penetration testing. Overview of malware, social engineering, and other attack modes.  Particiants will set up several systems, secure them, and try to penetrate them.

Course Learning Objective:

Practical experience with setting up systems and securing services "in the real world".  Core of the course consists in administering systems (5 weeks) and trying to exploit system vulnerabilities of systems set up by other teams.

Major Topics:

CERT guidelines for system setup.  MS guidelines for system setup.  Overview of malware, social engineering and other attack modes. Overview of intrusion detection systems.  50% time is spent as lab time.

Method of Instruction:

Lecture (50%), Guided lab experience (20%), Practical administration (30%)

Evaluation Methods:

Final Exam, lab evaluation including team feed-back.

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