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Operating Systems

Course Length:

40 hours over 10 weeks (2 two-hour meetings per week)

Course Description:

Introduction to operating systems. Process management and scheduling. Concurrency control. Synchronization problem. Critical section problem. Language constructs for concurrent programming. Deadlock handling. Memory management. File systems. Performance. Distributed operating systems. Prerequisite: COEN 12 (Abstract Data Types and Data Structures).

Course Learning Objective:

Overview of operating systems design issues. Mastery of process vs. thread concepts; process synchronization and communication. Ability to design and analyze process and disk scheduling algorithms. Awareness of deadlock issues. An understanding of memory management, contiguous allocation, paging, and segmentation schemes. Introductory knowledge of basic networking principles.

Major Topics:

Hardware, software, and memory. Secure and safe system programming. Secure system administration and configuration. Operating system security mechanisms for authorization, authentication, and audit.

Method of Instruction:

Lecture, homeworks, several programming projects

Evaluation Methods:

Tests, quizzes, projects

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