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COEN 233
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Computer Networks

Course Length:

40 hours over 10 weeks (2 two-hour meetings per week)

Course Description:

The ISO Open Systems Interconnect model. Data communications issues. Circuit and packet switching. Media access control protocols for shared channels: ALOHA and its derivatives, CSMA, CSMA/CD, token bus and ring, other protocols. Error detection and recovery. Sliding window techniques. Routing algorithms. Flow control. TCP/IP, Client/Server model. Network analysis techniques. Queuing systems, throughput-delay analysis. Prerequisites: COEN 120 (Real Time Systems) and AMTH 108 (Probability and Statistics).

Course Learning Objective:

An awareness of physical network media. Network design issues. An understanding of OSI 7 layer model and widely used protocols; TCP/IP, ICMP, RIP and IPX/SPX. Media access protocols. Knowledge of high-level NFS, FTP, DHCP, and SNMP protocols. Routing algorithms and flow control. Appreciation of network administration and security issues.

Major Topics:

Network components and topology. Network security principles, technology, and practices.

Method of Instruction:

Lectures, homeworks, network programming projects, presentations

Evaluation Methods:

Tests, assignments, projects

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