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Computer Architecture

Course Length:

70 hours (40 hours lecture and 30 hours laboratory) over 10 weeks (2 two-hour lectures and 1 three-hour laboratory per week)

Course Description:

Overview of computer systems, CPU design, computer arithmetic, instruction set architectures, pipelining, micro-programming techniques, memory hierarchies and management, input/output sub-system organization, hardware description languages. Laboratory project consists of design of a CPU. Prerequisite: COEN 20 (Introduction to Embedded Systems) or ELEN 33 (Introduction to Digital Signal Processing Systems) and 21 (Introduction to Logic Design).

Course Learning Objective:

Understanding of register machine instructions and addressing: data types and storage organization, instruction format and sequencing, addressing modes, instruction sets. Processing unit. Instruction cycle. Pipelining. Control unit: hard-wired control unit, microprogrammed control unit. Microprogramming. Input-output organization: interfacing, interrupts, direct memory access. Buses. Computer arithmetic: ALU design, arithmetic and branching conditions, multiplier design, floating-point numbers and operations. Memory: memory hierarchies, memory system considerations, memory interleaving, cache memories, virtual memories. RISC.

Major Topics:

Architecture of an automated information system. Hardware components relating to input, output, CPU, and storage devices. Types of memory and access.

Method of Instruction:

Lecture, laboratory, assigments, projects

Evaluation Methods:

Tests, assignments, laboratory, projects

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